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is a baroque gem whose theatrical architecture is all the more dazzling in the sunshine.
A maze of medieval alleys and stage-set piazzas to explore; Lecce is often nicknamed the Florence of the South owing to its large amount of beautiful historical buildings and churches; every inch of their facades is covered with exuberant carvings in the creamy local stone the “pietra leccese”.
But this small gem in Italy’s heel is the capital of southern Italian cooking, the city brims with rustic restaurants serving the genuine hearty peasant cuisine and robust red wine or fresh and aromatic rosé.


This spectacular clifftop town is about 45km away from Lecce and is Italy’s most easterly point; it overlooks the stunning turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. The “lungomare degli eroi” is perfect for a romantic walk! be sure to visit the Aragonese Castle and the Cathedral with its mosaic floor built in 1163-1165. It’s one of the largest mosaics in Europe and it survived the Turkish invasion. Its central motif is the Tree of Life, supported at the base by elephants, a symbol of purity, with branches telling pagan and biblical stories.

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