To Castelmezzano where one can fly like and angel! But only for the very brave. The Knight Templars too where in these parts.

It seems impossible that this land offers such a variety of landscapes. Today you are in the high mountains.

Castelmezzano is a mysterious place, with breathtaking views and fabulous places. Here they still celebrate an ancient pagan ritual: the marriage of trees. It’s a sexual rite that celebrates the union between a trunk of oak and a top of holly, chosen in the forest and transported to the village to make a big celebration in the month of May.

The flight of the angel: an event that expresses pure adrenaline, and fear (maybe) but it is totally safe. The brilliant idea is to harness and hook to a steel cable the participants who cover the distance between two villages Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa perched on the mountain. It lasts about two minutes, and the participants travel at a speed of 120 km over an abyss. Would you like to try? Read through the information,


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