The remains of a temple dated sixth-century B.C. and the teachings of an ancient Greek philosopher.

Pythagoras, after travelling from Greece to Egypt, landed in Italy, first in Crotone and then to Metaponto. He was one of the most important philosophers and mathematicians of antiquity, and is considered the creator of the word philosophy which means “love of wisdom”

In this area you can admire the ravines, clay grooves that create a unique atmosphere! Everyone is free to let their imagination soar, each time of day gives different shades and nuances.

If you are curious you can “dip your hands in the dough” in a beautiful farm and stealing the tricks of a simple and genuine cuisine that is the pride of the Italian Food. Look at the picture below, delicious orecchiette with turnip tops made during the cooking course at the farm… buonissime!

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And if you’re already enjoying the wonderful adventures that await you in Puglia and Basilicata…

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