Imagine making a leap back in time and finding yourself in a city inhabited since the Neolithic age. That’s Matera. The Sassi and the Park of the Rock Churches are a tangle of emotions! It’s an extraordinary place, an open-air museum. Matera is a unique city, a UNESCO heritage site and European Capital of Culture for 2019, chosen by film directors such as Pasolini, Mel Gibson, Francesco Rosi and many others just because it’s a natural set. It’s really difficult to describe it, you have to come and see it, to live in it and above all to get lost in the alleys of the Sassi.

You will spend very special days to discover the Sassi of Matera: an entire city hewn and carved into the rock, frescoed cave churches and Shepherds’ caves inhabited since prehistoric times

What was life like in the Sassi? Imagine the chatter of women, children growing together and the men who went to work in the fields (or to drink in the wine cellars)! This is the neighbourhood: a community based on solidarity, nobody ever closed the door and together they shared the joys and sorrows of life. Matera was a meeting point of different religious faiths and worship mainly Greek  and Latin. It ‘s like a maze, difficult to distinguish the dwellings from the many rock churches. It took years to discover and restore the ancient frescoes, and the churches were later transformed into homes and shelters for animals and the paintings hidden by smoke. And what shall you eat today? Most certainly delicious food!

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