You cannot miss Castel del Monte, a strange, mystical place in Puglia (Apulia). It is a Unesco World Heritage site, its plan uses the figure “8” as the designing principle and its contours seem to follow the movement of the sun and the signs of the zodiac.

The Emperor Frederick II von Hohenstaufen (“Wonder of the World”) built this castle in the thirteenth century; he was an extraordinarily charming and cultured man, his court was a crossroad for Greek, Latin and Germanic cultures and for the Arab and Hebrew cultures as well. If you would like to explore some more of King Frederick II of Swabia’s castles, we would recommend the castle of Melfi where he promulgated the famous Constitutiones Augustales, the first series of laws that regulated common life and he authored the impressive De arte venandi cum avibus, a treatise on falconry.



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