Here we are in Melfi and the Vulture area. The Vulture is an ancient extinct volcano, and among its forests there are the Monticchio lakes and the Abbey of Saint Michael Archangel perched on the mountain side.

In this territory one of the finest red wines of Italy, Aglianico, is produced. We will visit an old wine cellar but I assure you we will not just visit, but prepare your wine glasses!

Following the Unification of Italy in 1861, this land was festering with robbers, hard to tell whether heroes or bandits, and there were even the lady brigands, brave, aggressive women…. women of the south!

Melfi, a rather special place for me because here my father was born. It is surrounded by ancient walls; in its imposing castle in 1231, the Emperor Frederick II, an extraordinarily charming and cultured man, promulgated the famous Constitutiones Augustales, the first series  of laws that regulated  common life. His court was a crossroad for Greek, Latin and Germanic cultures and for the Arab and Hebrew cultures as well.

Who knows if it’s really true that the still visible stone nest is that of his personal falcon?

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