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The heart of our journey is Matera, a city hewn in the rock; from there we start to discover the most charming places of the region of Basilicata.

We are in the South Italy, a rustic and partly unknown land, wild but also sweet.

Here mozzarella and burrata, are produced; the semolina durum for wheat bread, the mythical orecchiette. Aglianico and other local wines to accompany dishes of traditional flavours like gnumereddi, la capriata and la pignatta. What are they? impossible to translate these names, you must come and taste them! Ah, I almost forgot!  the gold of the South: the olive oil always present on our table!

Villages where time passes slowly, the people are warm, welcoming and the food has the flavour of good old times. Landscape with wheat fields and orchards, mountains and long beaches.

How many stories are told concerning this part of Italy

King Frederick II of Swabia, the stupor mundi who in 1200 built some of his castles; the most mysterious is Castel del Monte but the castles in Melfi and Lagopesole are amazing too; tales of robbers like Carmine Crocco who in 1800 was the head of the bandits roaming the Vulture: hard to tell whether hero or bandit.

The Rock Churches will fascinate you, these were places of prayer in olden times, and then became homes and shelters for animals.

Here’s what you’ll see!

To help you discover Matera and the wonders of Basilicata I have chosen unique and unforgettable places.
If you are a group of friends or a family this tour might be just for you, otherwise you could join other travellers.

This is a tour for up to 8 people. Do You Want a Custom Tour? Contact us!

We will show you all of this!

Traditions, Culture
and Good Cuisine

An authentic trip to southern Italy.

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Welcome to Matera

Experience a great emotion.

Getting lost in the narrow streets of a city that has become a Unesco World Heritage site.

Taste the unique, fragrant and perfumed bread.

The Sassi of Matera

A very special day to discover: an entire city hewn and carved into the rock.

Frescoed cave churches.

Shepherds’ caves inhabited since prehistoric times.

Palatine Tables and Magna Grecia

The remains of a temple dated sixth-century B.C. And the teachings of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras.Are we on the moon? No, these are the badlands!

We dip our hands in the dough on our beautiful farm.

Stories of Kings, Brigands

…and Robbers, a special wine such as Aglianico and then Frederick IIstupor mundi with his many castles and hunting with the falcon.

A walk among the lakes of Monticchio. Here we are in Melfi and the Vulture area.

The Lucan Dolomites, breathtaking views!

To Castelmezzano where one can fly like an angel! But only for the very brave.The Knight Templars too were in these parts!

Craco, a ghost town

A surprise (hoping that the sun is shining).Today we let ourselves be lulled by the slow rhythms of the South, we get intoxicated by the scents of the earth.

Day 7

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